At IEAS 2018, you charge your phones and tablets from “tree”!

“VTree ™ fractal” is a solar energy conversion device in the form of a fractal tree.

It is energy-independent, capable of serving as a Wi-Fi network access point and as a portable charging station.

Forward information on:

  • air quality, UV index
  • general and personalized public interest ads
  • data on the public transport system
  • ads
  • Community – cultural, educational, public safety related announcements

The VTree Intelligent Management System is provided with the option to monitor air quality, certain habits and, depending on real-time weather parameters, will indicate the best time of day for running or walking as well as the state of movement on the bike track, if installed in parks or other recreational areas.

The VTree ™ fractal prototype was introduced in 2015 at Street Delivery; the manifesto for a friendlier city, where it won the First Prize called “The Big SDX Idea” and gained visibility at a national level. Also in 2015, the solar tree won the Fero Award at the 2007 Annual Architecture Awards Bucharest, an event that favors a responsible architecture, a public utility architecture that is sensitive to the idea of ​​context, place and community. Following success, in 2016, VTree ™ fractal was launched at European level and in 2018 worldwide.

VTree is a Partner at IEAS 2018 and you can see it in the exhibition starting September 18th, at the Parliament Palace!

About IEAS:

Organized annually in September at the Parliament Palace, the International Electric & Automation Show is the only technical event in Romania that brings together companies from the energy, electrical and automation industries. IEAS benefits from 3,600 m² of exhibition space, more than 3,000 experts and specialist visitors and exhibiting companies from over 8 countries, including the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Phoenix Contact Romania, Mitsubishi Electric, Pony Car Sharing and VTree are partners of the IEAS 2018 edition.

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