IEAS 2017: Automation and Energy giants meet in September at the Palace of the Parliament


IEAS 2017: Automation and energy giants meet in September at the Palace of the Parliament

Between 19 and 22 September 2017, the Palace of the Parliament will host the most important technical event dedicated to the automation and electrical equipment industry, the International Electric & Automation Show. Now in its 13th edition, the IEAS technical exhibition comes in 2017 with a new image and a new concept.

The new IEAS business platform aims to provide exclusive events, conferences dedicated to players in the industry, technical workshops, but also launches of prototypes and technologies. The novelty is related to attracting the beneficiary industries and interconnected areas, such as Oil & Gas, ICT, or HORECA.

With the 2017 edition, IEAS inaugurates a series of networking events dedicated to the Top Management segment. CEO Round Table on Automation & Energy aims to bring together top managers, government representatives, business structures, and representatives of the civil society, in order to build a framework for analysing opportunities and new industry trends. Another first refers to the launching of a research and innovation partnership, developed in collaboration with the governmental area and the academia. Details on the new IEAS concept can be found here

“We want IEAS to become the platform for dialogue between companies and the decision-making and legislative area. We intend to support, with all available resources, the research partnerships with the academic institutions of excellence, to support innovation, the involvement of young students and master’s graduates in creating opportunities for the development of the local business environment. We know that innovation and research are the source of progress in any field. We invite all those interested to participate actively with us, the IEAS team, in developing this new concept, to send their thoughts, to communicate their topics of interest. Every year the IEAS project gave us the occasion to collaborate with prestigious partners, both in the academia and business areas, with associations in the field, from which we have learned many things, and we are sure that this excellent collaboration will continue”, said Cătălin Neamțu, General Director of DK Expo, the organizer of IEAS.

In 2017, the automation and electrical equipment industries maintain the trends that started in 2016. Research and development strategies remain dominated by holistic, integrated approaches. In 2017, the most important players on the market continue to rely on exploiting the opportunities offered by the Internet of things. Global giants, such as Schneider, continue to invest in the IoT factor. In January 2017, at the summit in Davos, the President of Schneider Electric, Mr Jean-Pascal Tricoire, said that renewable energy and smart infrastructure are a priority for the company. Another influential player in the automation industry, Phoenix Contact, announces its interest in the new niche inaugurated by the Industrial Internet of Things revolution. The Proficloud platform relies on creating flexible and easy-to-integrate digitization solutions for the automation sector. By partnering with IBM Cloud since 2016, Phoenix Contact remains at the forefront of IoT and hopes to expand its more than 50 international subsidiaries and branches. Experts predict that by 2025 the Internet of things industry will be worth between 1900 and 6200 billion dollars (Forbes), and IoT applications will be developed mainly in the energy and automation fields.

In synergy with the global developments in the field of automation and energy, the International Electric & Automation Show 2017 focuses on innovation policies in the Internet of things paradigm. Among the partners of the previous edition of the event were: Schneider Electric, Eaton, and Phoenix Electric.

About IEAS: The International Electric & Automation Show, organized by DK Expo SRL, is the only technical event dedicated to the electrical equipment and automation industry in Romania, held every year in September at the Palace of the Parliament. With an exhibition area of over 3600 m2, the 2016 edition was attended by 130 Romanian and foreign companies, and by over 3000 specialized visitors from the electrical equipment and automation, Energy, Oil & Gas, and ICT industries, but also from public institutions, local authorities, and academia.

The first edition of the International Electric & Automation Show was held in 2005. In its 12-year existence, IEAS brought together the most influential companies in the automation and electrical equipment industries. Among the exhibitors and partners of the event are: ABB Romania, Eaton, Electroalfa, Legrand Romania, Luxten Lighting, Obo Bettermann, Schneider Electric, Phoenix Contact, Rittal Sisteme, Siemens Romania, Ronexprim.

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