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  • Automation
  • Control, Measurement, Test, and Adjustment Devices
  • Production, Transmission and Distribution


Quartz Matrix is a Romanian engineering company whose performance reflects in the success of its clients and partners.

With over 25 years of experience on the national business-to-business market, Quartz Matrix responds to challenges with innovation, to requirements with performance, to clients requests with efficient IT, electrical and electronic solutions. Quartz Matrix partnerships are always long-lasting, based on complying with the agreed contract and mutual trust.

Quartz Matrix constantly invests in research and development, ensuring that the solutions offered are always customised to each client’s specific needs in order to assure the client’s productivity growth.

Quartz Matrix supports the ongoing training of each employee and engages in lifelong learning by allocating considerable resources for the certification of its experts in all areas where operates.

We are pioneers in IoT and Industry 4.0 in Romania, implementing for over 8 years innovative projects and solutions in advanced technology.

Therefore, a competent and enthusiastic team is ready to find the best solutions for each one and for the benefit of everyone.

Currently, Quartz Matrix works in professional business solutions field and is focused on 5 areas of competencies:

  • IT&C Solutions and services
  • Electrical installation design, Fire & Security solutions
  • Energy efficiency for industry
  • Digital education solutions
  • Maintenance and repair for IT&C equipment and systems, fire & security systems, UPS

Bd. Carol I nr. 5, Iași