Exclusive distributor for the Romanian Market of Bender

Pop Service Electronic HQ is the exclusive distributor for Romania of the German company BENDER – the world leader in the production of devices for monitoring and locating the electrical insulation faults.

Pop Service Electronic HQ provides consulting and distribution for 500 devices grouped into four main categories:

  1. Insulation monitoring and insulation fault location;
  2. Special applications for hospitals comply with the requirement of SR CEI 60364-7-710 I7 normative and IEC 60364-7-710;
  3. Measuring and monitoring relays;
  4. Residual currents monitoring.

You can find more details by visiting www.bender.ro

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  • Automation
  • Control, Measurement, Test, and Adjustment Devices
  • Protective Equipment
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Lighting
  • Electric Motors and Generators
  • Production, Transmission and Distribution
  • Transformers
  • Applications for Hospitals

Exclusive distributor for the Romanian Market of Bender
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Calea Severinului, Bl. 317 ab, 200233, CRAIOVA
Tel. : 0251 483627
Tel./Fax : 0251 418773
Web : www.bender.ro
Email : bender@popservice.ro