ICONICS has provided industrial automation and manufacturing intelligence software for over 29 years, successfully deploying more than 300 000 solutions in over 70 countries worldwide. ICONICS solutions meet diverse customer needs in a variety of industries including Automotive, Building Management, Food & Beverage, Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Machine Builders, Pharmaceutical, Security, Water, Utilities, Government Infrastructures and more.

ICONICS is a Microsoft Gold Managed Partner and Partner of the Year 2014 (CityNEXT) providing Web-enabled industrial automation and manufacturing intelligence software based on OPC standards. Its products include HMI/SCADA, Manufacturing Intelligence / Business Visualization and OPC tool solutions that run on multiple Microsoft Windows platforms including redundant servers, desktop and thin clients, portals, mobile clients (tables and phones based on HTML5) and Microsoft Azure.

The new generation of products GENESIS64 10.9 brings even more enjoyable user experience and many innovations, including in particular the complete web management, optimized executive Hyper Historian and it’s free Express version, recipe management and SMS&Email notification integration. Facility, Energy, Productivty and Quality AnalytiX help to increase the efficiency of your equipment.